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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Introducing Life's Abundance Large Breed Puppy Formula

Large breed dogs have so much to offer. They’re intelligent, playful, affectionate and loyal. They become part of the family right away. Since you want to make sure your puppy starts his life out right, just like you would any other family member, you will want to feed a food formulated to meet your large breed’s specific needs is vital to your puppy’s well-being.

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Large Breed Puppies contains a precise balance of protein, calories, calcium and phosphorus to encourage healthy, controlled growth rates and aid in the development of strong teeth and bones.

The Ingredients in this food were carefully chosen for their individual nutrients, which work together to provide a comprehensive and perfectly balanced meal to help your puppy grow and thrive.

Our food has a Proprietary Blend of Vitamins and Minerals. Vitamins and minerals are essential for life and play hundreds of vital roles in the body including helping cells and organs function properly.

Life’s Abundance uses high-quality protein which builds, maintains and replaces tissues in the body. Muscles, organs and the immune system are made primarily of protein. Chicken meal is the first ingredient but we’ve also included four additional wholesome and nutritious proteins.

Life’s Abundance Large Breed Puppy Formula has an antioxidant system because a puppy’s body is designed to create only a certain amount of antioxidants on its own. That is why we cannot over-emphasize the importance of antioxidants.  Our antioxidant system includes guaranteed amounts of vitamins C and E. Prebiotic fiber and guaranteed probiotics are featured ingredients in this formula. Prebiotics are considered “food” for probiotics. They help them thrive and stay healthy in the body. And while other brands may claim probiotic content, at Life’s Abundance there’s zero guesswork because we guarantee the amounts of four different probiotics on the label.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids - The benefits of dietary fatty acids are well known, as omega-3s are some of the most extensively researched, naturally occurring nutritional ingredients in the world. The guaranteed amount of omega-3s is perfectly balanced with the omega-6 fatty acids in this formula to support healthy skin,shiny coats and overall wellness.

DHA (Dochosahexinoic Acid) - This premium puppy health food is enriched with DHA, a vital nutrient derived from the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil. DHA promotes healthy eye and brain development, which is so important for growing puppies.

We don’t use artificial flavors or colors. Additionally, we never use corn or wheat, or glutens derived from these sources, in Life’s Abundance foods, treats or supplements. These ingredients are generally used as inexpensive sources of protein, and the grains are susceptible to toxic mold contamination. We refuse to use these ingredients because there’s no excuse for risking the health of your puppy.

To learn more about Life’s Abundance Large Breed Puppy Formula or any of our other outstanding products, visit  Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to try a sample of our new large breed puppy formula for you new furbaby. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Best Home Business for Pet Lovers

Turn your Pet Passion into a rewarding home business with Life’s Abundance.  

Life’s Abundance has been in business since 1998.  In all those years there has never been a recall on any of their dog or cat foods, treats or supplements.  Our food was formulated by a holistic vet and has no corn, wheat or soy, no byproducts of any kind and not artificial flavors or colors…..just good natural ingredients! 

This is the time to start your own Life’s Abundance Home Business, the best home business for pet lovers.  We currently have a very special offer for anyone who signs up online as an Executive Field Representative, our 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza! 

 Here’s how this works:

Enrollment Period: The enrollment period begins May 1, 2013 and ends September 30, 2013.

Eligibility Period: You will be eligible to receive the 20% Retail Bonus the month you sign up during the enrollment period and the next three months following your sign-up.

Criteria: You must meet the following two criteria to qualify for the 20% Retail Bonus in a given month: (1) be an Executive Field Rep and (2) have at least $50.00 in Personal Sales.

In addition to the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza, we are offering one more great incentive for you to begin your Life’s Abundance Home Business.  All new Executive Field Reps can get the Replicator Site FREE for 3 months!!  That’s 2 extra months FREE!

Here are all the details on how this promotion works:
1.     The promotion period starts on May 1, 2013 and ends on December 31, 2013.

2. Only newly-recruited Executive Field Reps that sign up online during the promotion period are eligible for three months free.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this great company, this exciting promotion and our great compensation plan.  Feel free to PM me on Facebook (Kathy Gallo Adams) or email me at

You can check out all of our products and learn more about the company at

Friday, April 5, 2013

What Products Do You Use for Your Pets??

If you are fortunate enough to be owned by a companion dog or cat, or maybe both, you have most likely heard about all the pet food and treat recalls in the past few years.  It has gotten to the point that it is difficult to know what is safe, and will continue to be safe, for your pet.

Having six dogs of my own, it was always a struggle to find something I was comfortable feeding and that they would all eat.  Just when I thought I found something, one or more of them would suddenly start turning their noses up at it.  Then the hunt was on again.  

A few years ago I was introduced to Life's Abundance Health Food for Adult Dogs and Puppies.  This food has been formulated by a holistic vet and has no wheat or corn, no byproducts, no artificial colors or flavors and no BHA, a preservative that has been shown to cause illness in some pets.  The food is shipped from one of three distribution centers around the country and is always fresh.  Never will you receive a bag that is more than 6 weeks old.  Store brands sit on shelves and in warehouses for up to a year in some cases!  This food has never been recalled and has been on the market since 1998.  And the best thing about Life's Abundance????  ALL my dogs love it! 

Life's Abundance not only offers the best food for dogs and cats, but treats and supplements as well.  All of the products complement each other.  You can feel safe feeding the treats and supplements along with the food because they have all been formulated to have the proper amount of vitamins and minerals in them.  You will never have to worry about your pet getting too much of one thing and not enough of another.  Feeding different brands of food and treats can cause problems in your pet.  It's not unheard of to have a pet overdose on certain vitamins by eating foods and treats from different manufacturers.  Not all pet food companies ensure that their foods and treats are balanced.

After feeding this food to my dogs and my cat, I was so impressed that I became a field rep for the company and recently became an Executive Field Rep.  I would be happy to show you how this food will enhance your pets' lives.  If you would like a sample of our food, treats, supplements or even our shampoo and other cleaning products, send an email to Please put the word "samples" in the subject line.  And please, only request samples if you are serious about giving your pets the best nutrition and not just to get a free bag of food.  The cost of all samples and shipping comes out of my pocket, not the company's. 

Feel free to check out all our great products at

I know you'll love how these products will make your pets happier and healthier!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

If you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat, why not consider a senior pet?

A puppy or kitten can require constant attention. A puppy can hold his bladder just one hour for every month they've been alive. That means a 3-month-old puppy will need to empty his bladder every three hours! And yes, that does include the middle of the night! An adult dog's bladder is already fully developed. Shelter dogs are most often already house-trained and even if they have an “accident” in their new home, they usually are quick to remember that potty is outside. You also have the advantage of knowing that your dog is physically able to "hold it" for several hours at a stretch.

An adult pet’s personality is already developed, and you'll be able to spot the characteristics you're looking for. Shelters and rescue groups are able to assess the personality of each pet for adoption, and carefully match you up with the right dog or cat for your lifestyle.

Ask anybody who has adopted an adult dog or cat, and will tell you that they are the most grateful and loving pets.  When you open your heart and your home to an older dog or cat that needs help, they really do show their appreciation for the rest of their life! These pets, through no fault of their own, have been uprooted from their homes. Some have been dumped at a shelter because their owners have decided they want a younger pet, or have had difficult beginnings in life and are likely to bond completely and deeply with their new humans Pets who find themselves in the shelter or at a rescue group because of a death or other tragedy in their former human family usually go through a mourning period. Once they are adopted, however, they usually want nothing more than to please their new human! No matter what circumstances brought them to the shelter or rescue group, most older pets for adoption are exceptionally affectionate and attentive pets and extremely loyal companions.

When you adopt a senior dog or cat, you are doing the ultimate good deed. Let's face it: a lot of people think they want a puppy or kitten, but not everyone is lining up to adopt the great seniors! Did you know that every year, approximately 4 million adoptable animals are killed? You can be sure there are a LOT of dogs and cats for adoption out there. With such a huge overpopulation problem, buying a pet from a breeder or pet store contributes to this tragedy. More often than not, a puppy at a pet store came from a “puppy mill”, a horrible place where dogs are kept in cages with very little human contact, and are forced to have litter after litter until they are of no use anymore.  Many of these momma dogs are killed once their breeding time has run out.  Rescue groups that specialize in Senior Pet adoption work very, very hard to help adult dogs and cats find good homes. Rescues are almost always made up of a group of volunteers. They often keep their pets for adoption in their own homes while they assess their health and personalities. If a pet needs basic training, often the rescuer will provide it. If a pet needs medical treatment, many dedicated dog and cat rescuers pay for it out of their own pocket. These people are incredibly passionate about rescue, and they work tirelessly to make sure every pet finds a home. Nothing is as rewarding to these heroes as a successful adoption!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month.  If you have decided that it’s time for you to become a pet parent, please consider adopting one of the many senior dogs and cats that are available.  Senior pets deserve all the love and attention you can give them.

  This is Moose, my (almost) 10 year old dachshund.  I adopted him in January, 2012 after fostering him for a short time.  He had gone from a loving home with 3 dachshund sisters, to a shelter where he and his sisters were split up, to a foster home, then another foster home.  When I took him in and saw how sweet he was and that he fit right in with the rest of my crazy “zoo”, I decided he had been bounced around enough and made him part of our family.  He only has 8 teeth but that doesn’t slow him down at all.  He’s a super little dog.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Dogs are like babies – everything goes in their mouths.  They chew on toys, bones and sticks.  They pick up anything and everything they find lying on the floor or in the yard.  You cannot watch your dog 24/7. 
What would you do if your dog started to choke?  Give them a couple of minutes to dislodge the object themselves.  They may be able to cough it up without your help.  However, if your dog is pawing at its face and struggling to get air, there are a few things you can do yourself to help dislodge the object:

1.      Look in your dog’s mouth to see if the object is visible. If so, try reaching in with your fingers and pull it out.

2.     For smaller dogs, lift them by their hind legs off the ground and give them a few quick shakes.

3.     For larger dogs, basically do the same thing but keep the front legs on the ground and lift the back legs.  Make sure the head is pointed downwards and give the dog a few good shakes.

4.     The Heimlich Maneuver can be performed on dogs (and cats too!).  Again, make sure your dog’s head is pointed downwards. 
    Stand behind your dog and put one fist against the soft spot on its abdomen just below its rib cage.  Take your other hand and place it over your fist and push inwards and upwards a few times. Do this firmly but not too hard.

Here is a video that demonstrates all of these methods:

Once you have removed the object and your dog is still not breathing then begin artificial respiration and if it has no pulse CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation). Seek immediate medical attention.

Artificial Respiration for Dogs:

1.     Lay your dog on his right side on a flat, hard surface.
2.     Straighten out your dog’s neck.

3.     For a small dog, place your mouth around his nose and mouth, or just cup one hand around his muzzle and mouth to keep it shut and put your mouth completely around his nose.

4.     Begin to blow air gently into his nose until you see your dog’s chest rise or expand.
5.     Wait for the air to expel and then repeat blowing air back into your dog’s nose (one every three seconds).

6.     Once normal breathing begins, stop.

CPR for Dogs:

1.     Kneel down next to your dog with your arms extended out over him, cupping one hand on top of the other.

2.     Place your hands on your dog’s ribs just where his elbows meet his chest.
3.     Compress an inch and release quickly, about two compressions a second.
4.     After 15 compressions, lean forward and blow air into your dog’s nose using the respiratory assist method above.

5.     Continue alternating between each every 15 compressions to 2 rescue breaths, until your dog’s breathing and heartbeat return.

6.     Once your dog is breathing on his own, call your vet.  You will want him to examine your dog to be sure your dog suffered no internal injuries.

Here is an excellent video to demonstrate how to perform Artificial Respiration and CPR on your dog.

Remember, these techniques will work on cats, too!