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Friday, November 18, 2011

Coprophagia – or How Do I Make My Dog Stop Eating Poo???

Why would I write about such a disgusting topic?  Well, mainly because I have been trying to get my pug, Hu-Mi, to stop doing this since I got him in March!  Some days I think “I could save a lot of money on dog food if I just clean up the back yard and put it all in his bowl.  He’d love it”!  UGH!  YUK!!  BLAH!!!

Actually, this is a fairly common “practice” among our canine companions.  After all, dogs in the wild are scavengers.  It is also thought that they eat their feces and that of their pups to eliminate the scent to ward off predators.

Dogs will clean up after their puppies and it’s not uncommon for one of the pups to be the “designated poo picker-upper”.  Sometimes this behavior continues on into adulthood.

There can be several things that contribute to this rather disgusting behavior; attention-seeking, anxiety or stress or health problems, such as pancreatitis and intestinal parasites can be to blame.  

If you have a doggie-doo-eater, this all may sound too familiar, but do not despair! Even if your dog has done this their whole life, it is possible for them to stop, and there are training methods and products available to curb and possibly even end the behavior.

For more information and some tips on how to stop your dog from eating poo, please take a look at this short video by Dr. Sarah Wooten, D.V.M.

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